securebasePM is a biometric driven personnel management application. securebasePM helps to mitigate the risk of identity fraud, exposure to criminal activity, ghost employees, etc. securebasePM addresses the full range of business processes required to securely and efficiently credential employees, contractors.

With securebasePM you can immediately run a check against your facial recognition database to ensure the person
-    Is not already employed
-    Is not on a list of undesirables
-    Is not a known suspect or offender
-    Is not on a watch list or has had previous employment history with your organisation

With securebasePM you can also
-    Have multiple images of all personnel
-    Run duplicate searches to eliminate ghost employees

SecurebasePM can be used as a standalone application or as an integral component to securebaseMS.

The securebasePM consists of the following;
-    Employee/Contractors Register
-    Employee/Contractor Termination/Exit Register
-    Suspect/Offender Register
-    Facial recognition Search Facility
-    Automated Photo ID Capture Facility

Employee/Contractors Register
-    Record full personnel and employment details
-    Filter current and historical employees

Employee/Contractor Termination/Exit Register
-    Maintain a comprehensive register of employee/contractor termination details that can be used as a reference
check when re-employing personnel

Suspect/Offender Register
-    Maintain a comprehensive register of all known suspects and offenders.
-    Ability to add offence details against a suspects/offenders.
-    Add known associates and dependants
-    Generate body map to identify scars, tattoos etc
-    Attach intelligence reports

Facial recognition Search Facility
-    Run searches of all potential employees and contractors against your biometric database to ensure they do not already work for you, are not blacklisted or not a known suspect or offender
-    Run checks on offenders to retrieve known criminal history

Automated Photo ID Capture Facility
-    Fully Automated Hi res Photo capture*, cropping, search and enrolment feature.
*requires a Canon EOS 1000D Camera


You guys make my life easy - absolutely fantastic to deal with. Thanks very much for the past year of development and customisations to our business needs.- James Gordon